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Now is the Moment

Imagine: How would you feel if you could live a life that lets you feel free, fulfilled, and capable of doing anything?

Are you tired of feeling uninspired, lost, and helpless? You’ve probably used the word stuck to describe your situation, but in truth, you passed feeling stuck ages ago.

Because right now, you’re just like a hamster on an exercise wheel. You’re going nowhere fast and don’t know how to escape.

But deep down inside, you know you are meant for more.

Often, we know what the answers are, but we’re afraid to say them aloud. Together, with my intuitive coaching, we work to reveal your deepest truths. And give you the courage to shout them from the rooftops!

Take charge of your destiny. Because you have the power within to change your being.

Let me show you the way.

Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters.

Fred Beljaars

Let’s Co-Create

Tell me your story. Let me help you say your truth.

What is Co-Creation?

Co-Creation is customizable transformative coaching, tailor-made just for you. Yes, you. It begins with a simple conversation where I listen with an open heart. After which, we make the decision to co-create together. You eliminate suffering, discover freedom, and achieve your desired outcome.

Fred Beljaars - Co-Creation
Fred Beljaars - The Way Of Being

How It Works – My Way of Being


Through our conversations, I will ask you intuitive questions you have never been asked before. These questions reveal your truth. You’ll uncover your limiting beliefs and the stories you’ve been telling yourself. You’ll change the narrative. And ultimately, you will learn to step into your own power.

Fred’s Journey


Born in Germany,raised in the Netherlands


15 years old – Junior Champion Bodybuilding The Netherlands


Start of entrepreneurship


Becoming a dad of a beautiful daughter

2010 + 2011

Made unforgettable memories in Florida with my daughter


Rounded up my career as a bodybuilder. Time for a change


Begin working as a Personal trainer and nutrition consultant

2014 – 2016

Training ‘Straight-Line Methodologies’, partially in San Francisco, USA. Begin working as a business coach and transformative coach.


Spiritual awakening. Gained unlimited freedom. Received mentoring from various people and went through initiation rites. Begin working as a spiritual mentor, coach and healer


Founded House of Xango, The Netherlands


My first meeting with Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach


Married with Coraline


Founded OLIR (Only Love is Real), The Netherlands.


Moved to beautiful Kelowna BC, Canada. Established Being Coached by Fred.

Why Work with Me?

When I was younger, I competed in bodybuilding. I was never the most talented or gifted guy in the gym. Some of the guys could bulk up just by looking at a dumbbell. Not me!

I knew that to achieve my goals meant I had to do more than just want them.

I had to create my being.

Through repetition, dedication, and good old-fashioned hard work, I returned home with the trophy.

I learned that while desire is a great catalyst for dreams, you have to be willing to put in the work.

This is the invisible separator between those who have a dream and those who are living their dream.

I use this same catalyst when coaching highly committed individuals.

But in this case, I want it for my clients. I want them to excel in life and make their ultimate desires come true.

If you have the desire in your heart, are willing to BE what it takes, and are willing to D0 the work, nothing is out of your reach.

With Love,


Home - Fred Beljaars

The Architect Of Being Since 2015

Transformative life coaching starts from $5,000.
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My Clients Say It Best

Fred Beljaars - Sharon Profile

What I thought was impossible became possible as I now have a positive outlook on life and I look forward to every challenge a new day brings. I’ve not felt this good in years!



Fred Beljaars - Nelleke Profile

His tailored coaching approach learned me to take leadership in my own life.



Fred Beljaars - Claudia Profile

I know who I am, what I want to stand for and how I want to live this life. It is the best gift I could give myself.



Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

We’ve created a new being of me that is capable of overcoming all challenges that arise along the way.



Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

Fred is a true genius! How can a man's intellect generate all the proper questions? I've never encountered somebody who packs so much passion and intelligence into a conversation. He makes a commitment and keeps it! Fred has been a driving force in my life for many years. He altered the course of my life, and it will never be the same again.



Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

You remind me it's not about what I'm creating, it's about who I'm becoming and what THAT person is creating. You are direct, powerful, dynamic, thoughtful, goal-oriented, a magician, focused, insightful, funny and result-oriented. I couldn't imagine a better human being who would help shape the human being I am creating.



Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

After an exploration of various life coaches, Fred Beljaars crossed my path. Fred focuses on transformation of yourself and your own beliefs. Moreover, it is unbelievable how deep-rooted your own beliefs are. He teaches you how to take control of this and teaches you that your own limiting thoughts are not 'your' thoughts. He applies various theories from business and spiritual coaching, something that has helped me enormously in my transformation. Thank you Fred.


 Sales Associate

Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

Fred is an excellent coach with extensive knowledge and experience. He applies this knowledge, along with his motivational working style, to help you get to where you want to go. Fred demonstrates that you are capable of accomplishing more than you believe and helps you achieve your goals.


Interior Designer

Fred Beljaars - Kim Profile

Fred Beljaars is a leader who makes things happen. He powerfully influences outcomes for entrepreneurs and companies. Hire him. You will be glad you did.


 Founder of Straight Line Leadership